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Our Goal


Our primary goal at Intellect Management Services Incorporated is to provide the best advisory services in all aspects of the creative, entertainment, technology and retail sectors through design solutions specifically tailored to the needs of our clients.

Our Business


We have worked with a variety of entities including business support and international organisations; small and medium sized companies in the not-for-profit and commercial sectors. Our experience includes the provision of traning, research and assistance with strategy implementation.

Expanding Your Market Domestically
and Internationally

The IMS team works with clients to identify opportunities for growth and to support this growth through the design of business development strategies.

Business Development Strategies

Expanding your market domestically and internationally

The IMS team works with clients to identify opportunities for growth and to support this growth through the design of business development strategies. We will work alongside clients to implement these strategies, identifying relevant partners, undertaking relevant due diligence measures, assisting with negotiations, reviewing agreements, and ensuring that market entry requirements are met.

IP Licensing Strategy & Management

Making the most of your assets

We assist clients with the development of IP and intangible asset monetisation and management strategies and as a result develop revenue streams and strengthen market position through brand, product and service development and the establishment of systems to limit the impact of competitors.  Strategies implemented might include licensing of IP, know-how and technology, franchising, manufacturing, and distribution deals. 

Course Development, Training and Facilitation

Enhancing your skills for business success

IMS has extensive experience designing training programs and content, executing, and facilitating training covering general business management, corporate governance, international trade and intellectual property rights management. We design programs for large groups and for niche client bases.

IP Due Diligence, IP Audits and IP Valuation

Identifying the value of your assets 

IMS offers audit services to identify your IP and third-party owned IP.  We verify that your rights are not infringed and likewise that you are not infringing the rights of others.  Importantly, we check that your rights have been appropriately registered and that these rights are properly maintained and that you have the best possible IP protection strategy in place.  We also undertake IP valuations to support mergers and acquisitions, licence negotiations, internal management purposes, taxation or litigation. 


Creative Industries Strategy and Development

Substantial experience working in various sectors of the creative industries including: music, literary arts, fashion and software.

International Sports Law & Management

The management and licensing of sports rights including image and personality rights; the management of sports organisations and a firm understanding of issues such as doping in sports and the functioning of international federations.

International Property Rights Management

Erica has for many years worked in the management of copyright in addition to trademarks, designs and geographical indications.

Merchandising, Branding and Sponsorship Strategies

The application of trade mark and copyright, licensing strategies in branding, character merchandising in the entertainment industries.

Fashion and Design

"Under the IDB-funded Regional Entrepreneurial Asset Commercialisation Hub (REACH) project, Erica and her team delivered a regional training programme for fashion designers. Participants provided excellent reviews on the content and quality of the programme delivered by the subject matter experts."

Tene Reece, REACH Project Manager

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